The logo keeps switching between blurry and clear?

I’m not quite sure how to fix it. The logo keep switching between blurry and clear… as the title says. Scrolling up and down, making the logo out of view seems to make it clear whereas clicking on it makes it blurry.
Any help is appreciated.

Kind Regards, Paul

I’ve re-loaded a few times and changed the size of the browser window, but the logo always looks sharp to me. Are you able to post a screen shot of how it looks to you (sharp vs blurry), and describe when it occurs (e.g. does it switch between the two while you’re scrolling, or just like an animation, or once you re-load the page)?

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Hi @Paulie,

I am having trouble reproducing the issue.

Are you talking about the logo in the fixed navbar that appears on scroll? Or the one at the top of the page?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply. :slight_smile:

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Not sure if this relates to your issue, but I can appreciate the frustration/confusion. I note that you actually have two nav-bars, “Navbar Scroll” which is hidden in all viewports, but when set to block, overlays and obscures your primary active Navbar. Just saying, this may have some unforeseen effect when moving down through the site?

I have also experienced this issue recently, where major banner images suddenly appeared low-res (Blurry) for no reason or explainable, implemented change. I have found that toggling the “Image is HiDPI” box in the settings panel (or in the Background image module within the styles panel) helps resolve this.

Hope the extra eyes lead to something - apologies if it’s misguided thinking.


  • Derek
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Hey Guys @spirelli @Brando @Derek_vdS,

I opened up webflow today and the problem has ceased to exist, so for now its gone. I just hope it doesn’t continue to occur when the site goes live in the future. Thank you all for help :slight_smile:

@Derek_vdS, I found that playing with the HiDPI box also led to odd things happening, but I can’t explain why. Thanks for the help anyways!

Cheers, Paul

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