How do i keep the nav bar fixed?

Ive been configuring the nav bar to sit over an image. When i change the size of the browser the nav bar moves of screen. I would like it to keep it fixed place over the image.

Secondly when open I would like to move the menu items closer together so they don’t appear out of the red logo box

Any help would be great

Nav fixed position to screen
see video:

Nav absolute position to NEW DIV - the red fireman logo
see video:

Thanks guys for the solution. Great stuff. Now i just need some rules around containing the menu items in the logo image if this is possible?


HI Paul,

May I suggest always keep the Tutorials section in mind?

Also, create a new class for the navlink, then set your spacing there. Maybe something like 5 on top and 0 on bottom

Hi @Paul_Lyngby_Trow, so you want the menu drop down links contained within the space of the fire department logo ? Is that it?

Hi Cyber Dave,

Yes thats right. I also want the menu to resize and fit into the the logo area. At the moment is seems a bit small at larger sizes. Any help would be great

Cheers Paul

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