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Problem with map location title

Hello All,

I am having an issue with the Nexus template where the title keeps getting blurred out. It is supposed to say The Digital Elite but it says The Digital and has a blurry icon.

Here’s the public link:
And Here’s a screenshot:

I’ve been having the same problem. No matter how short the title is, it gets a scrollbar; and is never fully visible. Anybody have a solution?

I’ve been having this problem for about 2 to 3 weeks.

Problem started when i opened a project with a map already in place…
And I noticed the pin was different.

Which means they make a server app update to webflow.

If same problem:
Have created 2 posts about it… And contacted support.

On some browsers,

  • scroll bars will appear
  • scroll bar appear but are blurry
  • no scroll bars are visible but you can still scroll

Bug happens on all browsers, Mac and Windows… And across projects.

Strange thing is, I’ve seen the bug come and go… Within hours.

What I mean is… I’ve seen the map work - then 2 hours later… It’s broken again.

As if it’s being live tested.

Same here, it has been broken for weeks.