Persistent Blur Filter on Logo

This feels buggy:

attempting to put some interactioneffects on the site, I played around with a blur filter to the Top Logo in the nav bar, applying it specifically to the image element. I published, tested, and then went back and deleted the filter. I then republished. And still, the effect remains.

Any idea as to what is going on?

Here are the site links:

Test Page:

Live Domain:

The Preview Link:

Your timely help is appreciated.



@Waldo @samliew @PixelGeek

Also, please, I’m still waiting for any response whatsoever on this post:

I see a hover blur style on the logo, it has nothing to do with an interaction.

The purple button’s interaction is still there, perhaps delete it?

Also, WRT the linked thread, I tend to avoid long and broad posts as time is money. I suggest you split the questions into separate threads and provide as much information as possible including providing screenshots and animated gif/video recordings, and have a clear problem statement and state your expected result for each question. If I cannot provide a useful answer in five minutes or less, I will just skip/ignore the thread.

If you are seeking broad advice I suggest hiring a web designer to assist you.


Thanks! That’s a bit embarassing - I had absolutely remembered that I had applied it to the hover, and thought I had deleted it in that state. Thanks for catching that oversite, and for pointing out my misuse of the the “interaction” concept.

And thanks for the advice regarding the long posts. Noted, and will do.


  • Derek :slight_smile:

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