The 'HARPA AI ChatGPT Chrome' app does not work with Webflow

I have been experiencing a very strange phenomenon in the past few days. I suddenly no longer had access to my CMS collections. Webflow indicated that everything was empty, no more content?


I tried various things with my VPN, sometimes I had access again, then not. It was all very frustrating.
Eventually, I turned off the VPN as well as all the extensions in Chrome.
And behold, the CMS collections were back.
I turned everything back on one by one, and it went wrong with the HARPA AI app.
This is thus the culprit. If I enable this extension, my CMS collections are no longer available. If I disable the HARPA AI extension, everything is accessible again.
So, if you are encountering the same problem, disable the HARPA AI extension.
It was quite a search, so if you might experience the same problems, here’s my solution.