The Color Picker for Gradients: Your feature is actually a bug

The Color Picker for Gradients

Your feature is a bug

I am apt to create subtle gradients, many times with a gradient containing the start and end color of the same hue, at varying opacities.

On the old-old Webflow: Add your linear gradient to the background, select, say, red for the first stop, select the last stop and attribute it with the same red, and make any subtle changes from there. Maybe it’s an ever-so-slight darker maroon and selecting that first red again was a starting-off point, or perhaps it is the same red, yet the opacity changes. Terrific—what a nice gradient!

On the new (and newer old) Webflow panel: Okay, let’s make a gradient. Add linear gradient to a background. Check. Select red for the first stop. Check. Select the last stop and click red and—

Where did my gradient panel go? Oh, I see, the panel is being clever and thinks I want just one solid color. It has switched me over to the single-color overlay panel.

Well, let’s go back to the gradient panel, and—

Black and white defaults again.

Webflow team, please, I know better than the panel. This quirk is mildly frustrating. Please make the gradient panel dumb again. I’d like to select two instances of the same color on a gradient. I’m not confused about what a solid color is versus what a gradient is. I don’t need the help. Let me make my same-color gradient stops.

I think this was a nice attempt at making a polished UI experience, but now just makes something that was easy now impossible.

I, however, remain a loyal fan of Webflow and a supporter of this team’s effort to making a wonderful product, before it existed anywhere else. Thank you for reading.

Haha, yeah… I don’t even remember the time where it didn’t do this. My brain is almost rewired to edit the opacity first to avoid the gradient to solid color behavior.

Often I’d craft gradients with an outside tool and bring them in Webflow via custom code.

Or make it so much better! With an editor that allows for fine tuning of the gradient, much larger area to pick colors, and a palette to save gradients, import them and export them.


it would be so great if it would be possible to save gradient styles!!
does anybody has a good work-around for this?!