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Gradient jumps to solid

I’m not sure if this is a feature (horrible one) or a bug. When I set a background gradient, I like to start with a single color on both ends of the gradient, and then slightly adjust the color on one of the ends until I get the effect I want. The problem is that as soon as webflow recognizes that the color is the same on both ends, it automatically converts the background to a solid.

I know I can work around this by heading into some other design tool and working out the two gradient colors ahead of time, that way, webflow won’t see a matching color on either end. Anyways, it’s a drag.

There were a few similar posts back in 2017 with no solution, so I figured I’s post it again.

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Hey @joesnikon!

I think it is a feature from webflow, maybe you can add in the wishlist webflow

A work around is to set one side color as 99% opacity, then webflow will not recognize as the same color.

I hope it could help you for a while.

Eve Kayser

That’s a great work around. Thank you.

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