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Background Color Overlay Feature

Hello All!

@bart and I were chatting tonight about how much we use gradients over background images to create a solid color overlay. We do this by simply choosing the same color on both ends of the gradient with the same opacity. That got me to thinking wouldn’t it be fairly easy to have a parameter in webflow that did this automatically? Think of a single color picker with opacity that simply creates the CSS for a gradient with the same color on both ends. Here’s how I thought it might look.

I was curious if anyone else would use like a feature like this as much as I would.

Thanks all!


In case no one noticed, this feature is now live!! Thanks to everyone at webflow for making this happen so quickly!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! @bart @thesergie @thewonglv @Mat @cyberdave @Adrian and the rest of the Webflow team!


Sure thing! It was a good idea and quick to implement thanks to @Adrian :blush: We’ll be announcing this feature soon.


A bonus is that if you have previously used a gradient with the same color, it automatically recognizes it as an overlay instead of a gradient!! That’s insane how native this feature already feels! Great work!!