The client editor: is there any way for the client to add paragraphs/lists?

Kia ora all

The client editor works quite well in most cases, but I’m looking to see if there are any workarounds in regards to adding new paragraphs, or adding new items to a list.

I had a client that didn’t like the default spacing between paragraphs (when you click enter) , so on checking Webflow university

So while best practice gives control over the spacing between paragraphs on a page, if the client wants to add a new paragraph they…can’t do it.

My work-around at the moment is to advise the client to just add a paragraph just be clicking enter and when they are finished I’ll go and reformat everything. Is there a better way to do this?

Same with lists. They can edit existing lists, but they can’t add new items to the list (as far as I can see.) Any potential workarounds?

Easy, use a rich text element instead of a paragraph element.
RTEs allow you to define space between paragraphs.

They can also create and edit lists.

…:: doh! ::

Of course. Obvious fix! Thank you :slight_smile: