Create Bullet Point List in Blog Post

How do I create a bullet point list when creating a blog post? When I paste a bullet point list from google docs to webflow editor it creates the bullet point list. But, if I want to create the list in the editor I can not find any option to create it.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Francademy

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Yeah it’s not intuitive. The rich text editor has two style bars. One is for formatting selected text or the current paragraph. The other is for creating new objects.

Webflow doesn’t support converting paragraphs to lists, instead you create a blank line, and put the cursor there to see the new object menu. Click that and you’ll see the ability to insert lists, plus images, video, etc.

As I’m moving the first of my clients to webflow, I’m seeing this issue and can’t believe it’s not addressed. It seems obvious to just select lines of text and make them a UL or OL. This comment container has the option to do this…

How can we get Webflow to improve on basic formatting issues which are so easy with other CMS. Frankly absurd and pitiful…

Webflow chose to make the richtext element limited compared to some other wysiwyg editors you’ve seen, primarily for styling consistency ( designers need control ).

The controls are limited to pretty basic stuff, but WF recently added markdown support.

Basically that means less clicking, more typing. Typing a hyphen at the start of a line e.g. - List item will create your list. Typing ## something will create an H2.