Is it possible to allow clients to add further content to an existing page?

Hi there,

Just a general question regarding the CMS part of Webflow.

If I create a standard page in the designer that starts with a few paragraphs of text and a few images there seems to be no problem updating it in the editor view (in fact the experience is excellent). However is there a way that the client would be able to add existing content to that page? For example if they wanted to add an extra paragraph to the end of the page? Or another image?

From playing around with the system a little this doesn’t seem possible in which case, how are other people allowing their clients access to do this sort of thing?


The client has a little more freedom with a Rich text element otherwise you need to build content using collections. But it is you as a designer that decides where and how those collection items will show up when client add them via editor. It’s not possible to add more items when editing “on site”.

Thanks Jorn, are images allowed in RIch Text elements?

Sorry, just seen that you can indeed allow images in RT, will experiment with this thanks!

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