Text not showing up at all in published version but does in "view mode" in designer

I have text in my hero heading with an image as background fill… and it is not showing up at all in published version but it’s there in view mode in designer. What am I doing wrong?
Everything in the hero works fine: the animations, the star map overlay, etc. It’s just that the overlays reveal no text.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Portfolio

Hello, do you want show text like this on live site
also can you send me live site link

Thank you for your response! Yes, just like that. But as you’ll see through this link: https://prtfolio-9c3343.webflow.io/
… the text is nowhere to be found :frowning:

make the clipping: to clip background to text do this and publish it once here you see below image

hmm… that just makes the square overlay disappear… im basically happy with how it looks when you see the animations play out in view only– i want the gold text AND the rectangle star maps. but, you’ll see that in the published site the text just doesn’t show up. (thank you so much for your help so far btw!)

to clarify: basically, the star map rectangles slide away to reveal the gold text underneath

hey remove this code you will be able to see the text on live site

you are so right! that is definitely where the problem is. You are so smart. But, I wonder how I can change the web-kit fill color in designer… because i have the color set to gold :confused:

for menu class add this webkit code may be it work

How do I add the webkit code to the class? Sorry I am a beginner.

-webkit-text-fill-color: fill;
add in style tag may be it work

I did it like this… is this right? I published it but still doesn’t show

I am sorry for that
take help from who is the expert in custom coding

can anyone else help me?