Hero section is not working and publishing issues

Hello! I have just started using webflow. I changed my hero section and started running into multiple issues.
On desktop, after publishing the text was pushed down so you would have to scroll to see it. I tried changing the padding and margins. This also added padding to the navbar at first, then on the published site, there was a huge white gap that did now show in the designer.
Now if I am updating the site it does not update at all. The hero picture is still on the published site even if I removed it and published the site again.
The picture with blue background is how it is looking in the designer and the other is how the published one look.

I have tried refreshing the page, changing the name of the link and publishing again after that. I have also tried out multiple browser and devices. All of it shows the wrong published version and not the version I see in the designer.

Thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - BikinginBergen

It looks like you’re viewing one break-point in the Designer. And then looking at a different break-point on the published site.

Your largest viewport has a 391px of padding on the .hero-wrapper-two element which is causing the gap.
The larger viewport has the image set on .hero-stack but then you switch to a solid color on the base viewport.

Remember that the styles cascade down from the larger viewports so if you change something on the smaller views, these changes will not take place on the larger.

Thank you so much! I completely missed that. I tested the site on a tablet and a smaller laptop, I did not expect them all to use the larger viewport