Text blocks not appearing in editor

Hi, Webflow community!

Sorry for my probably mundane issue - but it’s sorta baffling me. I attached images of the editor, not showing my text blocks (maybe I have something overlayed? can’t seem to see what) but it is appearing on a published version of the site.

Here is my read-only link → Read Only Link

Thanks for all the help <3

Update - it’s now not showing up on the live site (which makes more sense)

Now, I have an issue that I can even edit the text block itself for some reason

Hi @Kevin_Merisanu,

I had look to see what was going on and see that you have removed the elements that you couldn’t see in the designer (but could in the published site).

The issue was related to a ‘z-index’ you had placed on some elements, which were ‘overlaying’ on top of the affected elements.

See image attached.

Hope that helps, or steers you in the right direction.

Let me know if you need more clarification.


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Thanks for the response! It worked! Appreciate that :smiley:

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Glad you got it to work :+1:

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