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Text boxes not automatically sizing down to be responsive?

Hi everyone,

I’m in the process of trying to make my page responsive and normally all the elements size down, but for some reason my text boxes and containers are way larger than the mobile size. I am really not sure what is causing this to be larger than the device size? Can someone help me pin point the root?

Read only link: Webflow - Danielle's Portfolio

I just adjusted the VW, but wondering what may have intially caused this

Hi @Danielle_Rose, thanks for your post.

It looks like the page has some overflow where some elements extend beyond the body viewport which allows the text to probably be as wide as it can be when there is extra horizontal space on the page. I believe that might be the case.

I made a video on how to find overflow using the site read only link:

I hope this helps


Thank you so much @cyberdave ! This was extremely helpful!

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