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How to make forms responsive?

Whenever I view the form on mobile it look really weird, and I can’t change the width of it. Well, if I do, it gets aligned to the right.

Can anybody help me? I want the forms + the text to fill out more of the width. Here’s my site:

Should be an easy fix - I just can’t figure it out, because I’m newbie.

Look at my approach of it. I started top clean you general layout for mobile, putting some 20px default margins globally and removing your negative margins on inner elements. hen removing the fixed sizes of the form container, then playing a bit with the fields.

You should get the general idea of the process. Remember that rules you define for mobile don’t apply for upper devices. Inheritance of properties only go down, not up. So you’re safe to style for mobile as you like.

Wow! I did not expect a video explaining it.
I totally get what you mean, and I simply did not think of this.
Thanks a lot, appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:

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