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Need help making text, photo and columns responsive

Hi there

So my companies site is all up and running on Webflow and now due to a load of feedback it turns out my hole site is not responsive. I have spent hours looking up videos and forums but I just cant seem anyones ideas that seems to able me to do this simplest of tasks.

For Example:

How and why are these collums not responsive. As far as i was aware adding VH and VW allowed the site to function. But when I check table mode, phone mode ect I have to design toe site for all different views. And the I go on to a laptop with less heigh and the boxes are all stretched.

What am I doing wrong?

Also here, looks great right?

Well its not great:

Thanks for help in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only:
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])


Most elements in Wflow are designed to be responsive. Problems start to occur only when we fuck mess with them. For example; examine the difference to discover what happens. I removed most of the formatting and now I want to visit one of these places. I’m now fully expecting a free trip because I helped you. :wink:
It’s rather difficult to explain everything so contact me if you need more. Moral, let Wflow do all the work for you. P.s. There’s a lot of improvements needed. Mostly simplification of formatting, and which element to use when.