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Container sizes not expanding to fit content?

Greetings - enby here. I’ve been working on Webflow for the past few days, trying to set up a website for my own business (eLearning design).

I thought I had everything the way I wanted it in the Developer space, as well as in Preview mode. However, after publishing and then clicking the link to my site, the alignment is off.

I have a few section full containers that contain text and images. I need them to expand vertically to fit the content. I’ve tried adjusting the height (ie: 120%) as well as changing the relative positioning.

Help is very, very much appreciated!!

I hope I pasted my read-only link properly (below). This should enable viewers to see it in Developer, but not save changes.

Here is my site Read-Only:
[Webflow - HD Learning_Artsy template]

Is anyone there? I really need help with this today, if possible. I saw a video about this but it wasn’t zoomed in and there was no explanatory text, so I couldn’t really tell what the person was doing. I think they adjusted something in the tablet view.

Read-only link in my original post above…is my issue only that I need to set all my container sizes to auto? I think that is how they were originally set up, but I still experienced this overflow issue.

Thank you for any advice!! :sunflower:

Hi @HeatherD, to let the container resize vertically relative to it’s contents, the height property should be left empty or default at auto.

Setting it to 100% will tell the container to only fill the height it’s parent. In this case the vertical height of your screen.