Text box doesn't respond to rule measurement

The text box doesn’t show the entire content even the it doesn’t have any limitations and it supposed to be automatically,

If someone can help me with it, here are some screenshots and the preview link:

This how it’s shown on the editor:

and this is how its shown in the published site:

The preview link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/inventiva?preview=c169da8eac5a891aea156fd68b442ffb
and the published site: http://inventiva.webflow.io/

Can anyone in @webflow or anyone else help me with this?

Thank you in advance!

It does as you designed it I guess. The text block width is 80% of the width of the parent element. The parent is the column of a 3 column row. wich is 30% So the width of the text block depends of the width of the browser. When you design it, the browser viewport is shorter in width because there’s the toolbars on the right. But activate preview and you’ll see your text block is sudenly larger, because the toolbars don’t show up anymore.

Does this make sense?

Nice site btw.

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Hey @aaronocampo be sure to tag one of the Webflow Community Experts or staff when you have a question for the fastest help :slight_smile: Sorry we missed your questions earlier! This site is looking great! :smiley:



Thanks @vincent that wasn’t exactly the issue but I transformation that I added to the text block as an interaction and i missed it.

In any case the thing with the toolbars make total sense and sometimes I forget to consider that part.

Thank you again!

Thanks @Waldo for the tip, next time I will do it.

Thank you for the website compliment!

Hey @Waldo or @vincent would you mind ant take a look at the mobile landscape and portrait mode? I have overlapped sections but I can’t find why!

or anyone from @webflow staff


Hi Aaron,

Can you tell us what are the sections you’re talking about? And for any issue you’re reporting, can you provide screenshots of what is expected and what happens? On a quick browse I can’t seem to find what the problem is.

The sections are middle and work

Again, I don’t see what’s wrong. We need screenshots. Alsos, does this happens in both the published site and in Webflow designer?

Sorry @vincent for the delay I took a few days off and I just came back.

Here I post some screenshots of the issue…

This is the correct view, the section “Middle” its shown in desktop mode

In “phone landscape” it disappears and theres no way I can move it down

Same thing with “phone portrait” mode

Thank you again!

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Issue is with your ROW WRAPPERS elements, they have a 350px height so it happens they expand far after the end of the services section, masking the section you’re looking for. pass them to auto and the services section will extend all the way and push back the section you want to be shown.


Already changed it and I got the same result :frowning:

Hop https://v.usetapes.com/ORNWwoOimO

I have to run, sorry, end of the day for me. Hope this helps.

Great! I’ll do that. Thank you!

Worked like a charm! THANKS @vincent!!

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