Text Area won't expand

I’ve created a text area field in a grid layout and I can’t work out why I can’t expand the text area field when typing in it. The button in the corner of the text area field won’t work in the grid. When placed outside of the grid it works ok.



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text area don’t expand when you type in it… at least that’s what I think :smiley:

They expand when you expand them manually, dragging the lower right side corner.
You can control their dimensions using width, height, max-width and max-height.

In your case your field isn’t setup great: it can be enlarged in width and can shrink in width.

You should do this:

Width: a fixed width, so that it can’t enlarge or shrink in witdh
Max-width: same value as width
Height: just a min height working as height too
Max height: well you can set that up too.

Thanks Vincent, I should have mentioned I haven’t finished setting it up yet. I was going to set the width and max height values etc but noticed the box wouldn’t expand at all when dragging on the lower right corner. Is it working for you?

I’m puzzled! it worked the first time and now it doesn’t, i’m puzzled…

It works if I click on the link, then if I switch preview off and back, it doesn’t

Hmm ok thanks for looking into this for me. Sounds like a bug. I’ll try rebuilding the page I think and see if it helps!

Even if I remove all the classes, it bugs on this page, on your homepage I try the same, works very fine

Very interesting, it’s definitely an issue with the whole page. I’ll delete and start fresh. Thanks again :smiley: