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Expanding Text Area Field

im in a bit of a pickle right now. I need to make it so that when i type into the text area it expands with text horizontally rather than making a new line.
im assuming that its only possible with custom code but im not a coder at all.

so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


It is hard to understand your issue.

Is that what you’re trying to do:

It adds a horizontal scroll bar instead of expanding to the right, which is what im trying to achieve.

it should look like the above line, which is a heading with a background color.

Follow stackoverflow - you should add custom code before body (And also clean up your styles - you use to much divs and classes & nested flex inside grid inside grid and so on - very buggy).

i found this

got to see if any of this works, im not that familiar on how to implement this code specifically.

and you’re right i do need to clean up the styles lol))

hey man, would this jquery plugin work, with this custom code imbedded?