Auto-resizing message field


I’d like the message field to expand in order to hold all the text being written. You can see in the preview how it’s currently behaving. I tried to change the overflow properties without any success. Anything I’m missing here?

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In order to expand message field you have to use text area of formemphasized text

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately I can’t find any information about that. Did you mean Rich Text?

In order to allows users to input multiple lines of text then you to have use text area which I mentioned above image you can see I hope this will help you

Md has it. For multiline input you want to use the Text Area element.

If you’re wanting it to auto-size with the content entered there are a few approaches, you can read my notes here-

UPDATE: solved. Something was wrong with the text area I was using. I’ve added a new Text Area, applied the same style class and set overflow to scroll. It worked just fine.

Previously you were actually using an input element in your layout.
That might have been accidental, but designers often don’t realize there are two different text input elements in HTML.

You should mark MD’s answer as the solution in case others encounter this too.

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