Automatically Expand Textareas While Typing | Tutorial + Cloneable

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been building lots of new commenting UI to promote Member’s new commenting functionality, and I decided to replicate the way ChatGPT’s input field expands with each new line break. It makes for a much more pleasant writing experience.

By default, text areas have a set height and do not expand with content. It’s possible to drag the text area to make it bigger, but this feels unnecessary.

This script ensures that each textarea element dynamically resizes vertically based on its content, up to a set maximum height. If the content is too large to fit within this maximum height, a scrollbar will appear, allowing the user to scroll through the content.

You’ll find a tutorial video, code, and attributes if you follow the links above. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a note below :point_down: Have a good one!