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Test the new grid in Beta

This morning we demo’ed the changes we’re making to grid. We’ve expanded our support of the CSS Grid spec to more than 90%. Check out our demo here.

If you’re interested in testing out the new grid and are comfortable with a few bugs here and there, sign up to join our Beta.


Thanks, looking forward to giving it a test run.

Just a quick one - one of the main issues i’ve had with using grid is the classes that are auto generated on export (long strings of arbitrary numbers). I’ve found these also are often re-generated when exporting again, which makes tricky when updating the CSS on external CMS’s.
Is there any change to this for the new grid update?


Waauw the future of the web is now… webflow is COOL!


Loving the new Grid. I’ve been playing around with it for a few weeks now!

I saw the demo this week and it looks pretty amazing!

I will test it out as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the great work!

Quick question: Do you review the beta requests before you send an email with the access to the beta?
I sent a request with both of my accounts and didn’t get an email back.
I’m jumping on my chair right now because I’m so hyped and can’t wait to get access :rofl:

(if you could buy patience, I would take 2 ^^)

@Schuschi_Eyes Access will be given in waves. You’ll receive an email once we add you in.

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Hey @webflow / @Lindapham can you briefly explain what happens when the current grid 1.0 gets merged with the new one in the upcoming update? I’m currently building a site using grids, should I wait or is it perfectly fine to continue using Webflow’s grid 1.0 ? Will there be any complications? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Shouldn’t be any. All the grid items that you have set up manually will be treated as such. In case you will want them to be automatically placed you’ll have to re-insert them.

I WANT TO TEST MULTI IMAGE CMS! Please please please! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Problem with placing image into a grid-block that is manually placed: you can’t drop directly an image into div-block of a collection:
so solution that is not good: click first the div-block of the collection, second: click onto the image-block into the side panel

please check it out
Note: working whitout shift+drop manually should need to work with shift+arrowDown/Up/Left/Right… because with lang grids that is more simple look to Portfolio an ‘What we do’ in the website I reconstruct

Well, tbh this is how I personally add everything everywhere. Drag and drop is just too imprecise.

Thanks for sharing this information guide.

Hey @Hype - everything you build today or built in the past will work smoothly after we make these updates. Grid 2.0’s main feature is the introduction of autoflow positioning for grid children, in addition to the manual positioning option you’re currently using.

After the release, you’ll be able to switch grid items between being manually positioned or autoflow positioned — while with the current version, you’re only able set use manual positioning.

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@KarelRosseel82 and @dram try holding down Ctrl when dragging the element. This will allow you to more easily drop an element into a child of the grid

Thank you! Super! I’m testing out! and it is working with Ctrl+move the block!

hi Linda: I found problem into my project with autoflow:

my preview:

What do I do wrong?