CSS grid: release 2.0

TL;DR: We’ve made some major updates and improvements to grid layout in Webflow that makes designing responsive layouts even easier — including support for grid on collection and ecommerce product lists.

The launch of CSS grid in October 2018 took layout in Webflow a dramatic step forward. But as we mentioned in our launch post, that release was only the beginning, covering only part of the full spec for CSS grid.

Today’s release introduces a ton of new power to grid layout in Webflow, making designing responsive layouts even easier — and now covering almost 90% of the CSS grid spec.

A look at the new automatic positioning rules included in today’s 2.0 release.

For a full look at all the changes introduced in today’s 2.0 release, check out our blog post.

And if you’re still new to grid layout, check out our full course on Webflow University, which provides an overview of this layout system along with step by step tutorials for rebuilding some example (cloneable) layouts.


Grid 2.0 :heart_eyes:


Thank you for the super update…!


I’m having issues when I need to hide/show these new grids, because they go automatically to “Auto” and my layout goes crazy. This is a big issue :sweat:

Hey @PabloMontero

This does not sound like expected behavior. I’d love to help if possible. Would you mind creating a new post under Design with details of the issue, your read-only link, and @ tag me. That would be helpful if you can do so.

Hope I can help.

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False alarm. I found my grids wrong but after a couple of hours everything looks to be okey.

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Yesterday I had similar problems with a grid layout going crazy. Although the preview and exported site was looking okay. Logging out and quitting the browser (Safari) solved the issue in the end.

Thanks for letting us know. If it happens again, please record a video of the issue if possible. That would be very helpful for us. :man_bowing: