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Do I see it well? Grid?

I see grid in elements? Am I dreaming :smile:
Now I’m definitely going to upgrade my plan to Pro!

Thanks Thanks Thanks


Now it’s up to us . :sweat:


Am I too stupid, or could it be, that „the Grid“ actually is a little bit glitchy? I, for my part, can’t use it. May be(!!) it is not ready yet, because it isn’t announced at startup splash and there are no tutorials available.
One example: Just look at this read only site:
How can I center the grid?

@Dragan_Miletic: You stated, that you are „going to upgrade to Pro“. Has „the Grid“ something to do with Pro and Standard accounts?

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I see it as well, so cool! For me it works very well, haven’t found a bug yet…

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There is a tut…

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Of course no @mac_heibu
Grid just gave me more will and motivation to go with Pro.
I have not yet tested it, I’m working on something else…
If there are problems with Grid, I hope that they will soon be eliminated.


Thank you both for your answers.
Nevertheless I don’t see a way to center the grid element within its container.

We’ll be making the big announcement soon, but yes: grid is here!

@mac_heibu I just took a look at your read-only link. Try adding auto left and right margin to your grid to center it in the container


Ugh, just spent whole night building complex flex-based grid system and now woke up to this. Not even mad though :smiley:


If you’re stoked about grid, show us some love on ProductHunt today! Excited to release this, and excited to see what you all build!


Hey dude, is this a bug or is there some settings that I’m missing?

I’ve just filled the screen with grid, and simply added a div block and dragged it to cover full height of the grid. When you view the preview, it’s not replicating the same size as on the screen in the designer?

@Esteban nope! It looks like your rows are all sized to auto. Auto-sized rows and columns will resize to fit the content inside of it. If you don’t have anything it will collapse.

In the designer, we gave these empty rows a visualized height of ~75px so that they are easier for you to see and add children into. It’s only in the designer though which is why you’ll see them collapse in the preview and your published site.

Makes perfect sense! Thank you Linda

Thank you for your response @Lindapham! All works fine now!
Think, I should have been waiting, until the tutorials are live.
My main mistake was, that I thought, the grid behaves like elements. But it’s no element, its – the grid!
Extraordinary work, Linda! Thank you and your team for that!

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Has anyone tried using Grid with CMS? I’m just getting whitespace.

hey, can’t use grid with cms yet see

Ah. I remembered it not being in the demo but I thought that was one of the features coming on release. Oh well. Still pretty sweet release.

So , what do u waiting for? Updete to PRO!

Soon Garry, just to finish the WordPress site for one client, and then two big projects come to Webflow.
Wonderful restaurant of national Serbian cuisine and one for camp on the Arctic. It’ll be great!
I’ll let you know :wink: