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Team management for esport tournament site

Hello people

I hope everyone are good and healthy. I need your help and your suggestions for the website that I want to build. I plan to build an offline event system for my game & esports centers. I want to organize offline e-sports tournaments in all of them. For this, I need a website for accepting participants of tournaments and register them as team members.

What I have done:

With the great help of Mackenzie’s extraordinary tutorial ( I managed to create a link which works as a joining button to the tournament, for the already signed users. They can join-in with just one click and I can see who is joining to which tournament in the database. Also they can see and track their tournaments in their dashboard.

But I need more help for this:

But as you know, some games are formed up with teams and I need to let people create their teams and invite people in those teams.

They can invite people to their teams via a link in a mail or any page in the site.

After invited user accepts the link, I need to see their user id’s as a team in the related CMS section.

After they click the join button, I need to see their names individually + all team members + team name in my list. So this way, I can group and filter people by names or their team names.


Also I need to insert these signed teams into tournament charts automatically like they do in Challonge our Tournaments. Do you have any suggestions how to do that with CMS structure?

Thank you for your help & time.
I also wait for your professional business offers to build this web site in Webflow.

Best regards,

Dear Cengiz,
Hope you are doing well!!

I 'd glad to assist you.
Email sent to you with details, Please check.

Kind Regards
Carter W

Did you end up getting this to work? Curious to see what it looked like!