Is this viable in Webflow? / looking for collaborators

Hey Webflow community!
I’m not sure if this is the right category, but any other didn’t really fit either.

I have a pretty big project coming up and I’m wondering if it’s feasible to be done in Webflow (maybe with 3rd party services). If so, I’m looking for someone to take over that part that I can’t do myself. It’s serious money, if I make it to land this job, right now I got invited to pitch.

The website scope in rough words (I’m only listing the requirements where I’m not exactly sure how to solve them):
Website for a sports club with more than 2.000 members, which acquires new members and helps existing members and trainers as a tool of communication.

  1. Users can signup as members but have to be verified/cleared manually. Club members can sign in to see further information (schedules, documents). Optional: New member signups can be sent to third party systems (to be defined) via XML. @DuncanHamra :wink:
  2. Editors must be able to only edit certain limited contents (i.e. the schedules or blogs for their own sports division; there are around 30 divisions).
  3. Users can sign up for events/courses with multiple events either as guests (some certain courses/events) or as club members (all courses/events)
  4. Implementation of a payment method for non-member signups to events.
  5. If certain information of the event or course is updated (i.e. time/location/etc.), participating users must be automatically informed (email, or even whatsapp or sms).
  6. Members see a dashboard after being logged in. It shows relevant information (upcoming dates of their courses, membership, news of their division, etc.).
  7. Members can comment blog entries.

This is a lot, I know. Right now, I think they just threw in everything they find cool but they’re open to take some advice if something just doesn’t make sense or is just too expensive.

Me personally, I’m a concept and design guy who’s done +10 websites / prototypes for websites in Webflow. I have +10 years of experience as manager of a small webdesign studio. I have literally no coding skills apart from maybe editing some tiny, existing script to solve a tiny problem. Just so you know who you’re dealing with.

So, my questions:

  1. Would you try to solve this in Webflow or a combination of Webflow and other systems?
  2. If not, how would you approach this?
  3. If yes, are you interested in collaboration?

Really looking forward to some input here. Also, feel free to contact me directly:

Kind regards,
Tobi from Munich

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Hi Tobi,

I hope you get the job. :slight_smile:

Yes, this type of website can be done with Webflow and a 3rd party system (or 2).

I am an experienced Webflow designer and can help you with all the coding aspects for this. I am interested in collaborating. Feel free to get in touch - I would be glad to discuss options with you and best solutions.

Teresa :slight_smile:

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Sent you an email with some info and links to check out.

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Hi Tobi
How did you go with the project.
I am currently looking at similar project for a sporting organisation
Did you end up using a third party software.
If so, would you mind letting me know which one you used and how you implanted the integration.

Hello @Tobi_Huber + @paulbrown,

just so you guys have a good idea as to how to proceed with your projects. I would advice you to check out the limitations of the webflow cms. If you don’t think you will get near the limit (currently at 10k for all your cms entries), then you are good to go. A great third party integration for memberships is Memberstack. For a comment section on blogposts I would recommend Disqus. Good luck with your projects.