Tab Component with Slider (under Unique Delivery)


I was going well and then all of the Sudden my Slide 2, Slide 3 and so - stopped appearing even though they were there and populated with an image. I saw the Slide Box UNDER Slide 1 for some crazy reason - please let me know what switch I need to throw so my Slides behave as they should Left to Right

Thank you

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Slides MUST NOT have any display style overrides. Remove any display (inline-block, inline, flex, or none).

Hi @jdbrowningjr, adding on to what @samliew mentioned, the Slider widget is a scripted widget with built in styles for Display and position.

For each slide, I would recommend to remove the class on the slides, and instead, put a div inside each slide to act as the parent div to the individual slide content.

Set the parent div to 100% width and height, and then style that parent div with other styles (background, etc).

I hope this helps!

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