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Slider in tab not working

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Hello there,

In the cakes sections of this site - I am having problems with the tab panels.
On each selection (Wedding cakes, Celebration cakes etc) it is showing up the image slider.
I only want this slider on the Wedding cakes section. I haven’t put it on any of the other tab panels,
yet it still shows on each option selected. I have made and re-made twice and still the same problem
is arising.

Any help would be much appreciated,



Hi @samthompson

It took we a while to figure this out, After alot of testing i managed to reproduce the problem,

You have set your Tab Pane to be a Flex Box, after this is done webflow is storing wrong information in some place don’t know where. However, when you did set the Tab Pane to flexbox webflow created a class with the same name. If i removed the class and started from scratch with a new class WITHOUT flexbox it will work.

Flexbox is causing the problem

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If you want to use flexbox in the element , slider or otherwise you need to put it in a div first. And then use flexbox on the div.

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@samthompson and @jbleroux

In this case it looks like the flexbox button was pressed and then set back to normal state again.
This will breake the Tab Pane and should be marked as a BUG in my opinion.


@JanneWassberg @jbleroux

Thanks so much for the help!! <3
Appreciate the time taken to figure it out - I was so stumped!

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Yep, @cyberdave had a solution explaining this as well:

I know I had a hell of a time with the slider the last time I was using it. I usually make a custom one to work with cms. I’ve learned the lesson though. Don’t change the standard complex webflow elements. It messes them up. When in doubt put a div in the element and put the styles on the div

Good lesson learned, thanks again!

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