Second Slide not visible after change to Display style

It is weird and I tried out a lot to solve this - but without knowing what’s wrong where, it’s hard. I put the slider to an entirely new place without nesting it, cleared the content of both slides or just one, changed all kinds of properties, swapped slides (then the former 2nd slide is visible, the now 2nd not)…

The problem is, the slide after the first is way out of place. Changing slides, you just get the slider’s mask to see, not the second slide:

That’s the project’s editing link:

Finding a solution to this would be awesome.

On another note webflow team, you’ve created an amazing and intuitive service. I learned it lightning fast, and I can’t even code! :slight_smile:

Hi @Johannes_Eisenlohr, thanks for question ! I took a quick look, and it seems that the display style for the slides has been changed from the default display:inline, so I would remove the display overrides first.

I would recommend to go with the default Display style on the slide element, and if you want to style content within a slide, add a parent div wrapper into the slide element and then style the parent div wrapper, instead of applying the flex styling on the slide itself.

Let me know if that helps.

Booom! Totally solves it. Thank you so much for the answer! I’ll do parent divs if needed.

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