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Slider Issue - due to flexbox styles on slide

I have a website for a client that needs to be completed very soon, and unfortunately there seems to be an issue with placing new slides in the slider.

When I get the first slide in, there are no issues, it works the way it should like here:

However when I go to add a new slide, the slide appears to have dropped behind page content that is directly below the slider div here:

How can I fix this?

Thank you!

The SLIDE must not be given any display property. Please remove the flex on it. Same goes for most Webflow components.

I have done that now, however I still need to include images to stretch to the size of the full-width slider (which I attempted but cannot adjust the crop), and put content in divs that will be on the slides themselves.

How can this be done without display properties?

You can simply drop a div into the slide and style that instead.

Got it, alrighty it appears that it has now been fixed. Thank you!

Hi, when you say “goes for most Webflow components” do you mean using Flexbox in Webflow at all, or specifically items like sliders, tabs, lists, etc. Not sure what to take away from your comment. Is Flexbox still too buggy overall in Webflow and should be avoided?

I’m saying do not change display property of the components. Especially those with moving parts like slides, tabs, etc.

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