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Slides Below Slider Area Trouble

Hey Crew,
I’m having a hell of a time with creating a few sliders and naming them each ‘Slider 2’, ‘Slider 3’ etc. Everytime I do, the slide content dives beneath the slider area. My intent is to have each slide have it’s own respective background image and content. Ideally, I’d also like to be able to copy and paste the Container (with Header and Button which I created on slide one) onto slides 2 and 3. Please help!


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Also having the same slider troubles on the product page template on this site:
…I would also like the images within each slide to condense height when ascending screen size, but always be filling 100% of slider height without stretching.

Hi @TJwebflow, make sure that when you style the slide element, to not change the display styling as the slider is a scripted widget, changing that style will cause the slider to break:

Use the default Display for the slide for each slide class.

If you want to style content inside a slide, first put in a div block under the slide that is 100% width and height, then set that to flexbox and style all other content within using flexbox:

I hope this helps

Hey, thank you @cyberdave . How might I override the inherited height of the slider for smaller displays where I want the slider to be shorter (giving my slider more width)?

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