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Syncing Custom Code Payment with Product CMS


Dear fellow Webflow lovers,

There is a chance I will get the opportunity to build an online store for an acquaintance. I have a strong urge to build my website in Webflow, because it feels to me as the cleanest web builder I have used to date - especially talking 'bout those color swatches!

The bottleneck, however, is that the eCommerce options of Webflow are limited in terms of payment methods. Here in the Netherlands, iDeal is highly popular, credit cards and Apple Pay and even PayPal in my belief are not much common. Stripe, or the Dutch Mollie, accepts methods like iDeal and many others.

I know someone who thinks he could implement those API’s into my to-be-made Webflow design, but CMS is a different thing. How is it possible to let a self-implemented payment method using API and code correspond with Webflow’s CMS and product system? I’m a designer first and foremost, so keep that in mind while granting me feedback.

Much thanks in advance!

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As of now there’s no option to custom integrate payment gateways into webflow cms (ecommerce).
I’m in a similar situation and will either self host the checkout and payment integration on a seperate domain or use (another) third party service depending on the costs vs benefits.
Anyway it’s still a hassle.