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Integrating alternative payments for E-Commerce site

I’m not sure if this is a publishing welp question or an e-commerce question, but one of my clients asked if it would be possible to use ‘Square Payments’ since that is what she uses for her businesses storefront.

I don’t see in Webflows interactions anything about it being an available integration though some obviously exists since I can find some documentation on it here. I however and not much of a coder and am not sure how to approach doing it (though I have worked with some custom code)

It seems using Zapier there are integrations but I haven’t used it before either. If anyone can point to which method would work best for my needs or any resources I might consult that might help me along I would appreciate it!

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If you use the Webflow eCom solution you can only useStripe and PayPal

@JanneWassberg This isn’t particularly helpful. I have to ask why even comment on this?

If it’s not possible why is it not possible? Just telling me what is available does not change my client asking me if there is a way to integrate it.
Secondly, the documentation on ‘Square pay’ seems to indicate that there are integrations out there. So if there’s a reason why it won’t work specifically with Webflow please enlighten me so I can go back to my client and let them know.

Wanting to deal with as few companies as possible to process transactions is perfectly reasonable, and since she is primarily a storefront business this is what has worked best for her.

So if you would like to tell me why it doesn’t work that would be helpful. Just telling me that Stripe and PayPal are options is insulting; as if I can’t read.

I answered your question, and the answer was no.

A short explanation is that the WF payment are in the WF core and can not be accessed or changed due to security reasons like PCI and more.

@JanneWassberg Thank you, that is a bit more helpful, but I can’t help feeling we are talking past one another.

Mechanistically I still don’t quite grasp it. I understand that within Weblfows core systems there is no way to hook up a third party through the normal checkout flow that is available in Webflow if I take your meaning correctly.

However, I know that APIs like square pay will generate a page on their server very similar to webflows check out that contains a unique ID of their transaction to be processed, so as to facilitate the transaction. What is it that is preventing building a submission form that bumps them out to their sever to facilitate the sale, then bounce them back into the site?

I mean I may misunderstand the process in some way, but I don’t see anything (minus the knowledge where to plug everything in) that prevents it from working. The issue is just that the sales information exists external to the client’s normal sales interface. (which if I understand Zapier correctly could be used to propagate that information if both tools were reading and writing to the same page). Is that not true?

Webflow provides what it provides. It does allow you to use integrations if you choose. I recommend clients look at which can easily be integrated into Webflow and handles the payment processor (and many others) your client wants to use.

The backend of Webflow is not open for you to extend. There is an API that allows access to collection data and orders data which allows developers to connect it to backend systems. Zapier can be used to bridge other systems with Webflow without development effort.

Visit the University for integrations that work with Webflow. Spend some time reading the documentation and you will have a better handle on what you can and cannot do.

Ok if you want a complete technical explanation @WebDev_Brandon can give you that. Eaven if you use a PP api you can’t hook it into Webflow. The WF eCom is not open to other APIs. In you case it.s not possible for the 3p api to do a call back to WF and update the order in WF