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Offline payment store possible soon?

Hey guys, I have a client who wants an online store with no online payment option. That is theyr want their customers to be able to select the products they want (add to cart) and submit it. They deliver the products and get the cash on delivery.

Can this be done with the current CMS? I tried to use forms and checkboxes but it won’t work as i can’t get the checkbox name to dynamically pick the name of the product.

Since this kind of online store won’t need SSL and other other features, I hope a solution/feature (ex. add to cart and submit cart) will be available in the near future?

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We’ll be releasing a feature soon that will allow you to reference CMS fields in custom code. Will make it possible to do anyyything! :slight_smile:


COOL! But that means I have to write code to have “add to cart” buttons and such?!


Big up Sergie and da boyz at Webflow

Love to hear news like this.

Super excited about the API as well, even though I don’t know any JS or server side stuff outside of implementing/tweaking some jQuery plugins to suit my needs. Opens the door to leverage more complex builds for clients through collaborations with more experienced developers - keeping everything inside Webflow!

Keep up the amazing work @Webflow.

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