Webflow CMS API Internal

The company I work for has multiple sites that I manage, and they share a lot of the same info. Is it possible for me to install the Webflow API from one site on any of our other sites?

If it’s not, do you have any suggestions on what I do? Maybe set up the CMS in AirTable and set up their API to use on all the sites? Maybe use Make or Zapier to connect the API? I’m just at a loss and want to make my life easier haha.

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Accounting Analytics]

Hi Keithen,

Unfortunately, It’s not possible to connect Webflow sites natively like that.

However, I have many customers who are accomplishing this by using Airtable as their single source of truth for the CMS content, and then using PowerImporter to automatically sync that content to all their sites.

Please feel free to reach it if you need help setting it up.

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Hi Keithen!

Matthew from Whalesync here.

We’re actually about to launch our Webflow CMS <> Webflow CMS 2-way sync in a few days. This would let you connect at least two of your sites’ data directly together. Let me know if you want early access and happy to set you up!

We also have an Airtable <> Webflow 2-way sync if that’s helpful.

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