Simplify Airtable to Webflow CMS Sync

Announcing Byteline’s Airtable and Webflow CMS sync: 2-Way, 1-Way, and Historical Sync. Here’s a breakdown of the top features:

  1. Effortless Creation, Updates & Deletion: Byteline’s data sync seamlessly handles all three operations, making it a reliable tool for syncing data.

  2. Historical Sync: Your databases will be magically updated, even when moving large amounts of pre-existing data.

  3. Change history: With our user-friendly dashboard, change history shows you details of each record change, along with the total number of creates, updates & deletes.

  4. Seamless Handling of Field Types: Byteline smoothly manages various field types, including multi-reference fields, URLs, currency, and images.

  5. Custom Error Notifications: Build a Byteline automation flow to receive customized notifications about the sync issues. For instance, get notified through a Slack message for immediate action.

Watch a quick demo:

Happy Syncing!


It’s always nice to have another tool available to do syncing, thanks for sharing. What is the main difference between Whalesync and Byteline? Or NoBull and Byteline?

It’s crazy that both Whalesync and Byteline are charging $179USD per month to sync 10,000 records. That’s 4.5x more than I pay for my Webflow subscription each month. Whalesync started off as affordable at $39 a month, now most people I chat to can’t justify the cost and are instead going to Bubble, Wordpress or custom code. The only reason I am still a customer is that I have an account locked into the old pricing.

It would be great to see a plugin service non-enterprise customers and still offer a full CMS capacity. If you are charging more than the main tool itself, you are just asking for competition. Hopefully, NoBull come out as an affordable option when they relaunch this year.

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Thank you for taking the time to write this. We mentioned a few differentiators in the original post. Here are some additional ones:

  1. Byteline is also an automation platform that can be paired with data sync. For example, you can create an automation flow that sends you a Slack message if an error occurs during a record sync.

  2. Webflow is among the many data sync integrations we offer. New integrations and functionality are added every week.

  3. There is a package discount when you pair the automation and data sync plans.

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