Symbol link blocks/links don't work

Hi, I’m currently working on a project where most buttons/links are symbols, so they are repeated multiple times throughout the website. I created override fields that would allow me to link those buttons to different pages in the website, but when I test and click the button it redirects me to Webflow’s 404 page. Buttons/links that are not symbols work fine, so this is apparently an issue with symbols. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance

If you want to test it out, here is the read-only link:


Sorry, no solution for you, same issue testing it on my own site. I just want to thank you as me looking into your issue taught me about overriding symbols. Ill let you know if I figure it out!


Once you publish the site it will work as expected. I believe the issue is the site names within the previewer.

The symbol does not seem to be smart enough to have the dynamic webpage link. The way the symbols write the link is “thiswebsite/page-name”

(same page but one in the symbol one as normal)

Anyways… just publish it privately and you can test it out.

@Dave_Birnie Ah, that does makes sense. I’ll check if it works. Thank you!

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