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Issue with override link field in symbols

Dear all,

Since the downtime that appeared a few hours ago, all the links that are included into symbols do not work anymore in preview mode in the designer. They all suddenly open a new tab with either the webflow dashboard (if the link is set up to the homepage) or to a 404 page if the link is setup to another project page. Here is the link to the project. You can check by clicking on the logo inside the header or by clicking on a “View more” button in the portfolio section. This happens to all my projects (even the one that I have not touched since several days). Hopefully, it is still working fine in the published version but it is very annoying nort being able to properly use the preview mode inside the desgner. Webflow - Hiilos
Thanks to all for your help and if you check on your side so that I don’t feel being the only one having this problem.

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