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Issue with navbar inside of symbol, linking to sections with same ID

Today is just not my day…nothing but nagivation bar issues that really shouldn’t happen but I keep trying to understand.

I have a nav bar and have set it as a symbol so I can use it across multiple pages. My problem is that when I am on another page, none of the main-page links work. I can’t click on Home to go to the home page, it keeps trying to find ‘home’ on the page I am on.

I have a section called ‘services’ on the home page. When I click on ‘services’ from the CSR Statement page, it tries to find ‘services’ on the CSR Statement page instead of going to the home page/#services section.

One would expect that using the symbol function on the nav menu would not cause such issues but this seems to be the case.

Anyone else experiencing this?

This is starting to feel like Webflow cache is not updating with the work that’s being done, thus showing outdated elements that do not reflect the latest change in the designer.

Given the following issue: Is Webflow site having problems or just me? , I suspect my suspicions are not far off.

Hi @DragonDon, at the moment, there is an issue with links that are in symbols, where they do not properly navigate to other site pages in preview mode, and you may get 404 page not found errors etc, but only in preview mode.

You can check those links, they should be working on the published site. Could you check that?

The issue with the links within symbols has already been reported, and when there is a fix for that, we will update our updates page:

Let me know if you have any questions on this :slight_smile:


Hi @cyberdave

I only noticed the issue after I published the site. I tend not to test within the preview mode much really as I figured there’d be some issues.

So for now, we have to copy nav bars to each page and update them manually? Just making sure that is the ‘work around’ for this right now.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi @DragonDon, I may have misunderstood the original issue and mixed that up with an issue about browsing between pages when the menu is inside of a symbol.

Linking to another page section from within the symbol does not work. You would need to create a separate menu with a slightly different link than the home page.

To create links to sections on your pages other than the home page, you will need to use the URL option and put in the path to the section like this:


So yes, the home page will have one version of the nav and other pages could perhaps use another symbol. Anytime the links will need to change, you will need to create a new symbol (or navbar without using a symbol).


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