Symbol link block override - weirdest bug

Hi all,

I have the weirdest bug:
I created a button symbol (in Homepage) and overrode the links.
But when I link to pages within the site (About, Portfolio…), instead of linking to my pages, it opens a new tab with the About/Portfolio page of the Webflow site.

I don’t understand how to fix it, as I don’t have the option to correct the link manually.

so - why new tabs?
- why those random URLs?

I’m grateful for any help!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](

For now I will just make new - non symbols - link blocks as I don’t have to many of them. Cause that seems to work. But somehow within a symbol, overriding the link goes wrong. I do believe it’s a bug.

If not, I’m happy to learn!

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