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Unable to link between pages

Hi there! I’m new to webflow and I am attempting to link between two pages using a link block. Unfortunately when I click on the button in preview, it opens a new tab and shows a 404 error and I’m not sure how to fix this.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Please include your project’s public share link so someone can take a look.

Weird. Does this happen on your published site as well? (on the version)

I’ve had a quick play and it only seems to happen when you have the Symbol within the link block. Using exactly the same link block, but replacing the Symbol with some random text causes the link to work correctly.

I appreciate that’s not a solution, someone else may be able to weigh in with the reason why it’s happen. But it’s a possible temporary workaround for you (recreate the contents of that Symbol, but don’t make it a Symbol… leave it as a text block).

Alternatively, why not use the Button element?

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The button was perfect! Thanks so much!!

No worries, I see that you’ve got it working now :slight_smile:

Please consider marking my previous post as “Solution” :slight_smile: