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SVG Logo Problem

Hi guys!
It is something very strange and weird. The logo on my site[] looks on all my device browsers but weird on other device browsers. I cleared the cache for every browser but no change.

I have designed the logo using Illustrator, exported as SVG. I went through all the parent elements and their property and sizing but nothing corrects it. I have attached my read-only link, see if you find something wrong.


[Read Only Link]

My device browsers:

Other devices:

Did you convert your text to outlines before exporting from Illustrator?

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@Oli.Timmis No, I don’t know that. Let me try it. Thanks for fast reply.

Hey @Oli.Timmis Thanks a lot man! That was the actual problem. Now it’s alright.

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Hey! No worries at all! I’m glad you got it sorted :smiley:

Please can you mark the relevant post as ‘Solution’, so people know your problem has been solved.

Done! Thank you so much.

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