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Navbar/Logo Issue

Client logo is rendering really oddly. I’ve tried a PNG and an SVG. I don’t understand how an image file is even doing this.

Here’s how it is supposed to look

This is what is showing up on an iphone 7 (chrome and safari)

HI @Syndicate15

It looks like your SVG is different than the PNG:

Can you please try uploading the PNG instead?

Please let me know if this helps!

That’s really odd. My end doesn’t show that…

That is super weird! How did you create the SVG? If you used an online png → svg tool it may have created a “fake” one where it simply wrapped a PNG inside of the SVG.

Did this resolve the issue when you used the PNG?

The SVG was created in Adobe Illustrator. I just deleted the SVG from the asset panel entirely, and used the PNG. Nothing resolved as it still looks the same when I re-published the site.

I see that as well on my site, however, with an SVG generated out of sketch. I’m using proxima nova on this page, and the charts are in proxima nova, which show fine as long as the device is a desktop, tablets and iPhones, the fonts switch to times new roman.

Are you exporting real text on your svg? If you are, convert it to outlines in illustrator, re-export the svg and re-upload it to webflow.

Hope this helps.

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This worked, I’m an idiot haha. Thanks!!!

You’re welcome!
I guess sometimes we forget svgs’ are not images :slightly_smiling_face:

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Such an easy step to miss! I actually had to put that on a checklist at one point as I would forget it 40% of the time.

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