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Uploaded svg logo changes

Hello everyone

I have the following problem, I have made my own SVG logo and I uploaded it as an image to my project. As I see it in the preview it looks fine to me on all devices (this is the mobile one).

However when I publish it and I look at the mobile version my logo has changed (even though it is a picture).

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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this is the version i see now when I pull up your read-only link:

SVG is both a working document format and an end user format.

It’s capable of keeping text as text and need the proper fonts on every system to render properly.

Depending on how you setup your graphic vector software, text isn’t outlined (vectorized) upon export to SVG. (I personally set Illustrator “Export for screens” feature to vectorize any text on export to avoid issues)

So in your case the G is a text G, not a vector G. Your first image shows your logo on your computer, which has the font to render it properly. Second image probably shows the image in another environment, like your mobile, which doesn’t have the font to render the G and defaults to another serif font: Georgia.

Manually vectorize the G in your graphic software before saving as SVG, or set the app to vectorize any text on export.

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Thank you so much! It worked when I changed the text into an outline.


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