HTML Embed looks different in Firefox


I’ve been struggling with this “bug” for a little while.
I have my logo exported as an SVG, and adjusted the SVG file so I can adjust the size in Webflow by using Auto Width/Height in the SVG code.

For some reason my brandlogo in both my navbars seem to be enlarged.
This is only the case when visiting the site with Firefox.
Chrome / Edge / Opera Gx / … don’t have this problem, this only occurs when using Firefox.
Any help? Or should I give up using SVG’s in Webflow?

Thanks in advance.
Stijn D.

Link to published site

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

I’ve been down that road a few times, especially with SVGs. Firefox can be a bit finicky compared to Chrome or Edge when it comes to handling them.
The devil is often in the details of how SVG’s viewport and viewBox are set. They can really change how your logo looks across different browsers.
And then, there’s CSS. It’s amazing how the same piece of code can look so different from one browser to another. Firefox might be interpreting your SVG’s size and scaling properties in its own unique way. Tweaking these might bring Firefox in line with the rest.

Thanks for the tip!
Fixed it by replacing the SVG with a PNG.