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Bootstrap 4 Announced

While I’m happy to see the webflow CMS announced, a more pressing issue for me personally is for Webflow to update it’s grid framework, as it’s currently based on the outdated Bootstrap 2 framework which is not mobile-first.

I’m not suggesting that Webflow should use the new Bootstrap or Foundation etc, as it clear that’s not going to happen as I can see on the boards it’s been requested for more than a year, but a mobile-first grid would be a good step forward to keep up with modern web standards, and the ability edit the grid, i.e. custom breakpoints, specifying gutter widths, etc., in advance of starting a new project would make Webflow a much better tool.


I agree, fundamental grid basics need to be editable to make Webflow a lot more designer friendly.

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My developer is asking me why we are not using Bootstrap? ARghhhh

Any high level feedback from the webflow team on either IF or WHEN this may be something you are going to integrate into the platform?

thxs Guys

Yes. Thats the problem. Many developers work with other CMS Systems like Typo3. And they use Bootstrap as a standard and cannot really make a clean integration with this exported code from webflow. if webflow would integrate bootstrap 3 or the coming version 4, than its one of the best online builders. i check now some new bootstrap editors to solve this problem with our developers which use other cms systems.

Would anyone be interested in some custom code you paste at the bottom of your site, to “theme” your Webflow site like Bootstrap?

Webflow Nav -> Bootstrap Nav
Webflow Forms -> Bootstrap Forms
Webflow Container -> Bootstrap Container
Webflow Dropdown -> Bootstrap Dropdown


For comparison: (without Bootstrap conversion)

The best part is that dropdowns work very well in the Nav bar!


A Bootstrap themed Webflow is too cool, @samliew!

I’m definitely interested :nerd_face:

Coincidentally, Bootstrap 4 stable release has just been announced on their blog

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Okay, I just created a new topic about the experimental project, take a look!

Create a Bootstrap website using Webflow Designer + (one line of custom code)