Support for other frameworks

It would be nice if the export could automatically use the classes of frameworks like bootstrap 3 or foundation.

Option 1
When i create a new site i could choose, which framework to use and then when i insert elements the classes of that framework would be used.

Option 2
When i export the site, i would like to choose which framework to use.
The exporter transforms all columns/elements with the corresponding framework classes. Instead of “w-col w-col-4” it would be “col-sm-4” for Bootstrap 3. If i use a Button it would have the class .btn.

So i could easily integrate the code from webflow to my bootstrap project and still use the advantages/make additions using bootstrap.

Also less export of the CSS would be nice.


Hi @aceman3000-

Yeah, I can totally see how having those export options could make it easier for using Webflow along with those other frameworks / extension languages.

I’d love to hear more about what specific advantages / additional capabilities you want to use from those different frameworks, though.

We’re constantly working on adding new things to Webflow to enable you to do more without having to export and make additional changes by hand – so it’d be great to learn about more of the features we’re missing for folks like you.



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For me to start using Webflow is something I really want. But my current website, which has a huge amount of pages is built in Zurb Foundation, which makes it difficult for me to use Webflow to build new pages. What I want is to have all my content “designed” and exported from Webflow to my developers using Zurb Foundation, not Bootstrap 3. If this is not possible it’s not a chance I can start using Webflow, because rebuilding my complete site to suite Bootstrap is not an option.

If you are only using the grid, it’s pretty much just a matter of classnames, but as an enduser it’s an annoying task to do, on every single export. I hope you implement Zurb Foundations as It’s today the most advanced Framework and Bootstrap is the 2nd (things have changed :D). With both of these frameworks you will own most of the market. Thanks for a GREAT tool!

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Hi @kkilat,
one reason why i want to use bootstrap is that some of my customers want their projects with Bootstrap 3.
Also you find many ready made components for Bootstrap or Foundation. So it would be easy to integrate them if i could use one of these frameworks. Mostly important is the naming of the grid classes.


It would be great if Webflow could allow us to insert custom code in the head above the styles Webflow generates, and hopefully Webflow can show the styling live in the editor.

I too would like an option to export to the main 2 frameworks such as Foundation or Bootstrap.

My clients want a solution that includes a framework which makes it easy for them to change in the future.

Although Webflow is superb in designing pages, my clients (and myself) don’t want to be dependant on a particular platform. I know this means that some people may cannibalize the Webflow platform to create a website and then use their own hosting services and you ultimately would want people to use your platform and pay for it.

Perhaps you could create some tutorials on how to convert the Webflow source code into one of the frameworks. This way, people who really need it, will spend the time to do it, assuming it is a straightforward thing.

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@aceman3000, @dallasclark, @desiGndoMiNatio thanks for your feedback! When we tackle frameworks it won’t be from in the export step, but in the create-a-new-site step. It’s a lot easier for a new project to start with a framework (you choose which framework you are working with when creating a new site) than somehow convert current classes to fit the styles of other frameworks. Bootstrap and Foundation grid structures behave very differently so it’s not easy to “just convert” your site to another framework because it may break the whole layout.

We are considering these things and hoping to build out this kind of functionality. But it’s farther down the road. For now you can find and replace all classes in the webflow.css and your exported site’s css to remove “w-” classes.


Thanks Sergie. Yes it makes sense to be able to choose the framework from the beginning.

Keep up the good work, I am very impressed with your product.

Yes please to this! Would be amazing to choose your framework.

Yes Please! This would really be awesome!!

Bootstrap and Foundation support would ROCK!!


Webflow is a great and fascinating tool! But for its breakthrough it needs the possibility to combine it with a CMS-system like TYPO3 - or - to support bootstrap 3 which can be combined with TYPO3. -

Because business-websites need CMS, this is a must-have today.

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Hi Webflow Team,

All was going great, i was demoing concepts very quickly using webflow, infact so quickly that the front end teams came and discussed the possibility of placing me on there project to up production. I was approached by a big boss so it was yes or Yes! my options. So on Friday i came and started to knock up some concepts and turned a PSD into responsive code and exported it and thats when it turned ugly. They were using bootstrap 3.3.1 and wanted a grid using up to 1280 breakpoints. so… when is the bootstrap or other framework support coming? (ball park figure)

Ps. i am now handcoding again; and its now i realise just how quick using webflow is.



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I’d love to rebumb this one up. This is a great suggestion. I love to have the native bootstrap 3 framework classes (eg. col-md-4 etc.). Reason is, some client want to follow through with the codes and stuff with bootstrap, but this will get a little bit confusing for ‘some’. And second of all, so we can sell it to theme stores.

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Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks out there. it would be awesome to be able to choose to use their classes and id’s at the start of a project


Yes, this would be awesome +1