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Super Confused for Plans Best for Freelancers


New to Webflow and trying to figure out their pricing structure. Site vs Team. At the moment I use Wordpress and I generate recurring revenue from my clients for hosting/maintenance for 40-150/month. Essentially I’m trying to figure out how I can keep the same business structure with Webflow.

It sounds like I need to purchase the Pro Team plan to get unlimited projects, whitelabel, and more mainly for prototyping, etc. But going live with a custom domain name will require an additional site plan?

So assuming I have the pro team plan. I’ll publish a website on Webflow for site hosting which is $16/month. Average clients pay me $40/month, so then my total recurring for that client would be $24/month (not counting the price of the team plan) Is that the right idea I’m getting from Webflow because it sounds pretty high and would eat into my profits.

Someone help me my brain hurts from research. Thank you.

Hey @trace751,

Team plan is for teams. A Pro account will do the same tricks for a freelancer (I am one myself).

Yes, a hosting plan on Webflow, regardless of what account you hold, costs as little as 12$/month, and goes up to 45$/month.

The comparison of Webflow vs. Wordpress is absurd imo.
As a designer, you can clearly see how much freedom Webflow gives you. This freedom worth a lot to me.
The editor, for clients, is such a huge tool, that usually just presenting them with this option, immediately gives me the right leverage to “sell” the Webflow hosting plans.

BTW, you can always create you websites in Webflow, and export them for hosting on Wordpress.

Hope I helped a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks @avivtech,

Do you know if Webflow will be coming out with a bulk plan for people like freelancers managing a lot of sites? I can’t imagine the mess it would be if I were to choose the monthly CMS site plan at $20 for 50 clients.

I started off as a developer but of course, for time management and faster project development lead me to look for tools such as Divi and Webflow.

At the moment the tools Webflow offers sounds great, but in terms of cost, would be fairly difficult to generate a reasonable recurring monthly. Let me know your feedback on this. Thanks!

Actually, I think this was a question that was directed at Vlad, Webflow’s Co-Founder, in the last online Q&A with him.
If I remember correctly, he said that anyone who deals with great amount of clients/websites, should contact the support, and they might figure a plan that suits them.